State Do Not Call List - Pennsylvania, Wyoming

In today’s changing telemarketing environment, smart calling is no longer an option…It’s survival.

The Do Not Call Lists for the states of Pennsylvania (PA) and Wyoming (WY), although sold separately, are also included on the DMA's Telephone Preference file. This insures your telemarketers will not contact consumers who have asked to be on these states no call list.

State do-not-call requirements Subscribing to the DMA’s Telephone Preference Service file is still necessary to remain in compliance with state mandated do-not-call requirements for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Wyoming. The DMA is not a contact for the FTC list nor do we maintain copies of any such list. Further information on how to obtain the FTC list is available from the FTC at

Pennsylvania Do Not Call List

The Pennsylvania Do Not Call program has not been affected by the federal court decisions regarding the Federal Trade Commission’s No Call Registry. The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General will continue to accept registrations and complaints in enforcement of Pennsylvania’s law.

The Office of Attorney General has contracted with the Data & Marketing Association, which will act as the list administrator. DMA will update the list and distribute it to Telemarketers on a quarterly basis.

Once a Telemarketers obtains the Do Not Call List from DMA, they have 30 days to remove those names and numbers from their own calling lists. Please remember that the list may only be used for removing names and numbers from calling lists, any other use is a violation of the law.

For more information about the PA Do Not Call Law, copies of the Pennsylvania Do Not Call law can be obtained online at or


Wyoming Do Not Call List

Wyoming will not share the numbers on its existing state do not call list with the national registry. As a result, Wyoming consumers who want their number on the National Do Not Call Registry must register with it.

At this time, Wyoming is continuing to maintain a state-specific no call list. Data & Marketing Association will act as the list administrator. The DMA will update the list and distribute it to Telemarketers on a quarterly basis.

For more information on the Wyoming Do Not call list please visit:


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