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Wireless Lookup Service

This product is no longer offered as a standalone service and is now only offered free of charge to subscribers of the Ported Number file.

Can you identify the wireless phone numbers on your list?

To identify wireless numbers, telemarketers must use products like the Wireless Block Identifier File supplemented by the Wireless Ported Number file, products from Interactive Marketing Solutions.

To assist the smaller businesses that do not make frequent marketing calls or do not have the technical capacity to handle the wireless files, IMS had developed the Wireless Lookup Service.

The Wireless Lookup Service permits subscribers to enter telephone numbers into our web-based service where they will be matched to our Wireless database to determine if it has been assigned to a wireless device. Subscribers will logon to our website and be directed to a screen where they may enter up to 4 telephone numbers at a time. After pressing the submit button any wireless numbers entered will be flagged. There is no limit to the number of searches you may make.

This unlimited lookup service is offered free to subscribers of the Ported Number files.

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