Cooperative E-mail Opt-out Service (CEO)

CAN-SPAM – the federal legislation regulating unsolicited e-mail – is now the law.

  • Do you have a process for managing opt-outs?
  • Do your e-mails have an opt-out link?
  • Do you and your agents remove opt-outs from solicitations?

Complying with Can-Spam's labor-intensive requirements is complicated – especially when it comes to managing opt-outs: But you must comply with the law: companies are forbidden to send commercial e-mail to those people who've opted-out.

Any company or individual that isn't compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act could face penalties in excess of $2 million – even jail time.

That’s why you need the proven, Internet-based solution developed by Interactive Marketing Solutions.

The Cooperative E-mail Opt-out Service (CEO) is designed to help you build and maintain your own Do-Not-Email database and ensure opt-outs are applied across your entire organization’s e-mail communications – easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Don't risk penalties for noncompliance. The cost of this program is just a fraction of what you would pay if you were found not to be in compliance with this law.

Using a vendor to house your opt outs? How do you synch those with the requests your Customer Service team fields? What happens when you change vendors?

View the complimentary Power Point presentation that details a dramatically easier way to simplify your opt-outs and comply with CAN-SPAM

The Cooperative E-mail Opt-out Service makes everything about managing opt-outs under the new law more manageable – especially if multiple firms and/or individuals send out e-mail on your behalf.

First, it allows you to build and maintain a file of individuals who said have they don't want to receive your e-mail and honor their requests within the required 10-day time frame – all on our website. We provide the opt-out link to include in your e-mail – individuals clicking on this link will be directed to our web server and automatically be included in your opt-out database. This allows your agency to to create your own do not email lists.

The service also allows your employees – as well as agents, brokers and other third parties – to clean their lists against your centrally maintained Do-Not-E-mail database. With your approval, users can log on to our site using a password, submit their e-mail lists for cleaning against your list and get cleaned lists back – within hours. It’s fast and secure.

Approved users can also take advantage of a free lookup feature to research opt-out inquiries and when creating single or small mailings – This service provides that, too.

For an annual subscription fee, we will take on the burden of building and maintaining your Do-Not-e-mail database. And, for just a few dollars more, everyone in your entire organization as well as affiliates can clean their e-mail lists using your centralized opt-out database.

Let Interactive Marketing Solutions help you maximize your e-mail marketing success and limit your legal liability.

Don't add costly staff or extra budget dollars simply to remain compliant with CAN-SPAM’s opt-out requirements. Subscribe to The Cooperative E-mail Opt-out Service today.