In order to move forward with a successful marketing campaign, you will need to ensure your compliance with consumer protection legislation like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. You will also want to contact responsive consumers as opposed to those consumers who have already taken efforts to reduce the amount of advertising they receive. The handling of your prospective marketing lists needs to be managed with close attention. By using our SmartClean service, you can take the burden of these concerns off your shoulders. You can send us your prospective list by uploading your file to our website and we will scrub the list for you. You may select one or more of the following options:

Mailing List Processing:

  • National Change of Address (NCOA) processing
  • Address Standardization (CASS)
  • Flag Matches to DMA's Mail Preference Service File (MPS/DMAChoice)
  • Flag Matches to Our Recently Recorded Deceased File
  • Flag Matches to the State and Federal Prison File
  • Merge/Purge Prioritized Mailing Lists
  • Suppress Records Matching Uploaded Suppression lists

    Telephone List Processing:

    • Wireless Telephone Number Identification(telephone number must be in the first field of the uploaded comma or tab delimited file)
    • Licensing arrangements with Neustar, the Ported Number Administrator, requires clients to have an annual subscription to the Ported Number Files prior to completely identifying cell phone numbers. If you choose not to purchase a subscription, the process will identify native wireless telephone numbers and not check for numbers that have been ported. We estimate that telephone numbers ported from landline to cell phones comprise approximately 5% of all wireless telephone numbers.
    • We strongly encourage you to purchase an annual subscription to the Ported number files for $1,180.

      Email Scrubbing Service:

      • Flag matches to DMA's Email Preference Service (EMPS) list

        We will flag the matching records on your list and return the scrubbed list to you within 24 hours (usually within a few hours). For Input and Output file specifications, please see Input File Requirements and Output File Requirements.

        The price for the SmartClean Service is as follows:

        • $2 per 1,000 records uploaded for the first processing selection
        • $1 per 1,000 records uploaded for each subsequent processing selection
        • $50 minimum for each uploaded file (multiple files zipped together will be charged individually)
        • $50 job minimum for Wireless Identification Processing and $250 job minimum for Mailing List Processing.

        No payment is required when Registering for SmartClean, however if you will be using the Wireless Identification service, we do encourage you to purchase an annual subscription to the Ported Number Files. Payment for the SmartClean service is due after files have been uploaded - at that time a price will be displayed and credit card information requested. If the webpage is closed without entering the credit card information, the uploaded file(s) is deleted from our server and no charges are incurred.

        How to register:

        • Register now Registration is free, pay only for uploaded files.

        For further information about SmartClean Please Contact Us


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