Telephone Preference Service

What is the Telephone Preference Service***

The Telephone Preference Service includes the official state Do Not Call Lists from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the state of Wyoming. The DMA’s Telephone Preference Service is an easy and cost-effective way to scrub your calling lists of consumers who do not want to receive telemarketing calls at home.

*** Please note that on November 1, 2006, DMA discontinued all mail and most web-based consumer registrations for TPS. Consumer registrations for the states of Pennsylvania and Wyoming are still accepted. Please click here  to review the full plan to phase out TPS consumer registrations and what this means for marketers.

State do-not-call requirements Subscribing to the DMA’s TPS file is necessary to remain in compliance with state mandated do-not-call requirements for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Wyoming. Please note that except for these states, the state mandated do-not-call files and the FTC lists are NOT part of the Telephone Preference Service file. Further information on how to obtain other state do-not-call lists is available at their State Attorney General's websites. Further information on how to obtain the FTC list is available from the FTC at

Here is how the Telephone Preference Service works

The TPS complements your in-house suppression list by scrubbing your lists of unresponsive prospects... before you waste time and money on them. In addition, pass the TPS file against:

  • Your prospect lists
  • Your house list when you rent it out

As a TPS subscriber, you can choose to receive the file:

  • Every quarter - these files available in January, April, July and October are a complete list of consumers who have registered with TPS in the past five years
  • Every month -additions to the quarterly file are distributed monthly

The TPS file is in Tab delimited (.txt) format. The file is available as a download or on CD.

Instructions for using the TPS file are included on each CD and on each download.

Free technical support available to subscribers.

It's easy to become a TPS subscriber.

You pay a flat fee that covers a 12-month subscription year and includes quarterly updates (no partial year subscriptions available). You will receive a renewal notice at the end of your subscription period. Prices are as follows:

Annual Subscription for Quarterly updates: $800

Annual Subscription for Monthly updates: $1,170

View our TPS Frequently Asked Questions

How to subscribe to the Telephone Preference Service:


Please Contact Us for further information

TPS Phase Out and What it Means to Marketers

On November 1, 2006, DMA discontinued all mail and most web-based consumer registrations for TPS. Consumers are redirected to the Federal Trade Commission’s DNC Registry instead. 

  • DMA will continue to take web-based registrations for consumers located in the states of Pennsylvania, and Wyoming because the TPS list remains the official DNC list for the states of Wyoming, and also includes the Pennsylvania Do-Not-Call registry.
  • We will continue to update the TPS file as follows:
    • by removing disconnected numbers and updating area code splits and changes on the TPS file
    • by eliminating the names of consumers who have been on TPS for 5 years
    • by adding new names of deceased individuals whose family/friends have registered them on DMA’s Deceased Do-Not-Contact (DDNC) list. 
  • Since consumer names are kept on the file for only 5 years, the list will continue to shrink in size and as of December 2011 only contain residents of Pennsylvania and Wyoming, as well as names registered on DMA’s DDNC list.


What This Means For Marketers

  • Because consumer names remain on TPS for 5 years, DMA members will be required to honor these consumers’ requests not to be called by scrubbing their prospecting lists against the TPS file through December 2011.
  • The January 2007 quarterly update will be the last update DMA members will be required to purchase. Members must continue to scrub their prospecting list against this list for 5 years, at which point all registered consumer names will have dropped off.
  • Alternatively, members may elect to purchase quarterly updates for the next 5 years (until November 2011). Each quarterly update will shrink in size as names drop off, thereby providing members with a smaller suppress list. 
  • Marketers who use DMA’s Deceased-Do-Not-Contact (DDNC) list and/or who are required to use the state DNC lists for Pennsylvania, and/or Wyoming may either:
    • (a) purchase an annual subscription to the state lists from DMA for $465 each and the Deceased Do not Contact list for $300 ----or ----
    • (b) purchase the entire TPS file, which contains the state lists for Pennsylvania, and Wyoming, as well as the telephone portion of the Deceased Do Not Contact information, for $700.



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