This product was developed to expand the 7-digit block identifier records on the Wireless Block Identifier file to the full 10-digit format. Because each block (record) is expanded to 1,000 telephone numbers, the program is limited to 20 area codes per pass. If expansion is required for more than 20 area codes, the program may be run multiple times.

Operating Environment - The program was developed in Microsoft Access and requires that Microsoft Access 2000 or greater be installed on the PC. Microsoft Access is a commercially available database program that may be purchased anywhere software is sold and is also packaged with Microsoft Office Professional (version 2000 or later).

Once Microsoft Access is installed, download the program to the desktop or a directory of your choice. Double click on the icon and the program will open.

Operation - Subscribers to the Wireless Block identifier file must download the file and unzip it to the C:\ directory (e.g., C:\WIRELESS_BLOCKS.TXT).

Count Blocks By Area Code - this button will provide a listing of the number of blocks identified in each area code on the Wireless Block Identifier file. It is useful to determine the potential size, in number of records, of the expanded output file. The size of the file may be determined by multiplying the number of blocks in the selected area codes by 1,000. File size can be approximated by multiplying the number of records by 10.

Area Codes to Be Expanded - enter the area codes that you wish to be expanded to the full 10-digit format. Only 20 area codes may be expanded in a single pass and unused area code fields should remain as 0. All blocks will be expanded to the full 10-digit telephone number.

Expand Wireless Blocks - The area codes entered will be located on the wireless block identifier file and expanded to the full 10-digit format. The output file may be found in the C:\ directory with the file name:
WIRELESS_BLOCK_EXPANDEDyyyymmddhr_mm_ss.txt (yyyymmddhr_mm_ss represents the date and time the file was created).


The program is available for an initial subscription fee of $50 which includes 1 year of Support.

Is Support Available after the first year?

Annually you will be asked if you wish to subscribe to program updates and on-going support for an additional year at a fraction of the purchase price. If you choose not to, you may still keep the program but not receive program updates.

Please Note: The WIRELESS BLOCK EXPANSION PROGRAM does NOT contain the Wireless Block Identifier File. Wireless Block Identifier File is sold separately


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