State TPS Lookup Program

What is the State Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Lookup Program?

The State TPS (Telephone Preference Service) Lookup Program is designed to assist telemarketers in finding individuals on the state Do Not Call Lists for Pensylvania (PA) and Wyoming (WY) This free program is designed to work in conjunction with the PA or WY TPS files. The lookup program DOES NOT contain state records therefore you must purchase either the PA or WY Telephone Preference Service file in order to use the lookup program.

How does the State TPS Lookup Program work?

Using the State TPS Lookup Program is simple.† When you receive one of the quarterly DMA state TPS lists (PA or WY) from us, place it on the appropriate drive of your computer and press the load file button. Instructions for using the lookup program are included.† Itís that easy!

Do I require special software to use the State TPS Lookup Program?

To use the program you must first have Microsoft ACCESS '97 or higher installed on your computer.

How do I look up an individual using the State TPS Lookup Program?

Individuals may be found by Telephone number, Last Name or Zip code. You can also do a partial search to list everyone in a specific area code.

How to subscribe to the FREE State TPS Lookup Program:

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