Getting off commercial US Email lists

The ANA provides an Email Preference Service to assist consumers in reducing unsolicited commercial messages to personal email accounts. The ANA Email Preference Service is available to companies for the sole purpose of removing your email address from their national U.S. email lists.

Although registration with eMPS will help reduce the number of emails you receive, it will not stop all commercial emails. You will continue to receive emails from:

  • Groups or advertisers who do not use eMPS to clean their lists
  • Email of a business-to-business nature received at your place of employment is also not affected through registration with eMPS, and
  • Emails from senders outside of the United States

How to Register
There is no charge to register for eMPS. Use the registration form below to register with the national U.S. service, eMPS.


Enter up to 3 email addresses for inclusion in the eMPS file; one is required.


Please review the information above prior to submitting your registration. Any errors in your information may reduce the effectiveness of the eMPS service.

To confirm your submission, we will send an email to each email address you have submitted. You must reply to each email within thirty days to complete your registration. If you do not, the addresses will be deleted from the file.

Registration is free for US consumers, and is effective for ten years, after which time you must register again.

Processing of your opt-out request requires that we share the information you have entered with client organizations for the sole purposes of removing matching data from unsolicited marketing lists. It is not intended to be used for any other purpose. The ANA will not use personal, identifiable information for marketing purposes. If you do not wish to have your information shared, please press the CANCEL button below and this registration will be canceled.