Do Not Contact Solutions for Marketers.

Interactive Marketing Solutions, a member of the Direct Marketing Association, provides software and suppression list products to help marketers mitigate the challenges imposed by privacy and consumer opt-out legislation.

Organized in 2001, in partnership with the Direct Marketing Association, to help direct marketers comply with the requests of consumers who do not want to receive unsolicited marketing material via mail, e-mail, and/or telephone. IMS has evolved to an independent organization that manages and implements many suppression solutions, including  the DMA’s Preference Services,

Solutions to save your organization money and headaches:

Recently Recorded Deceased File

Deceased Do Not Contact List

State and Federal Prison File

DMAChoice (DMA Mail Preference Service)

Foreign Mail Preference Service – Belgium and UK

Telephone Preference Service (DMA TPS)

E-mail Preference Service (DMA eMPS)


SmartClean /NCOA

State Lookup Program

State Do-Not-Call Lists – Wyoming and Pennsylvania

Cooperative Email Opt-Out Service

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