Learn More About IMS and Frank Rigano

Interactive Marketing Solutions, a member of the Data & Marketing Association and ACA International, is committed to developing innovative list and database management software and services designed to help businesses succeed in their collection and marketing efforts by mitigating the challenges imposed by privacy and consumer opt-out legislation.

Interactive Marketing Solutions was organized in 2001 in partnership with the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), to help direct marketers comply with privacy regulations related to calls to wireless telephones and the requests of consumers who do not want to receive unsolicited marketing material via mail, e-mail, and/or telephone. IMS manages for The DMA the world's largest private consumer preference database of nearly 15,000,000 consumers. Additionally, as the administrator for the DMA’s Preference Services, IMS manages the "do not call" list for Pennsylvania and Wyoming. Included in the management services IMS provides is the distribution of consumer preference information to DMA members, direct marketers, and direct marketing service organizations for the purpose of removing individuals from prospect lists in accordance with state laws and/or DMA membership guidelines.

IMS has expanded its product offerings from the distribution of opt-out information to include:

Through its relationship with The DMA and ACA International, IMS is in communication with various state and federal lawmakers for the express purpose of developing products to help direct marketers comply with current and pending legislation. For information, visit Interactive Marketing Solutions


Frank A. Rigano CEO, Interactive Marketing Solutions

Frank Rigano has more than 20 years of experience providing marketing and technology solutions to business executives. He served as Executive Vice President of Operations and Administration for the Data & Marketing Association and Senior Vice President of Operations for the American Management Association.

Mr. Rigano has a strong foundation in the business impact of marketing and information technology and has led initiatives to build successful and profitable solutions by integrating the two disciplines. He offers astute assessment abilities and a powerful team that he has built from four core disciplines: strategy, technology, creativity and marketing. He encourages his team to look beyond conventional wisdom in strategy development and the implementation of business growth initiatives. He is a proven performer and hands-on executive with a strong focus on both business and technology issues.

Rigano holds an MBA in Information Science from Pace University in New York.