DMAChoice: Consumer Preference Services

DMAChoice ® is an online tool provided to help consumers manage their mail. It is part of a larger program designed to respond to consumers' concerns over the amount of mail they receive, and it is the evolution of the DMA's Mail Preference Service, which was created in 1971.


Direct marketing is at a crucial stage. State legislation aimed at restricting marketers' access to potential customers is on the rise at an alarming rate. Direct marketers must respond now to consumer requests for choice in how much mail they receive.

DMAChoice is an effective means of honoring choices by purging your mailing lists of consumers who want to receive less advertising mail at home. If you are not already a subscriber, you should be. Using DMAChoice can be the single most important contribution your company or organization can make to preserve the information access that is the foundation of successful direct marketing. Use of this file for prospects is essential to ensuring you are honoring consumer choices about the mail they receive as part of longstanding industry standards for honoring name removal requests.


You save valuable marketing dollars; unresponsive consumers are costly and resentful.



DMAChoice is a residential file of consumers who do not wish to receive promotional mail at home. Individuals register with DMAChoice online at or by sending their name and home address to the ANA. Consumers learn about the availability of the service through federal, state, and local government and other consumer protection agencies and companies that utilize outside data services.

For purposes of DMAChoice, direct mail is currently divided into four categories: Credit Offers, Catalogs, Magazine Offers, and Other Mail Offers (which includes nonprofit mailings). (Consumers wanting removal from pre-screened credit offers are referred directly to the credit bureaus’ opt-out service.) Consumers can request name-removal from an entire category at once, or from all three of the managed categories.  The DMAChoice file also contains a Deceased Flag for all addresses registered on the Deceased Do Not Contact website (it does not include other identifiying data such as date-of-death, age, etc. found on the DDNC deceased file).

Once you become a subscriber to DMAChoice, each month you will receive the full consumer opt-out file and the monthly updates. The full file is a complete list of all consumers who have registered with the service and it replaces all previous files (It includes the monthly updates file.). The monthly updates include all consumers registering during the previous month (additions). Deletions are recorded on the full file only.

Match up the DMAChoice file against all prospect lists you use, as well as your house list when it is rented out. You need only remove the names checked with the category relevant to your business. For instance, if you are a magazine publisher, you only need to remove the consumers who indicated the “PRINT_MEDIA” category.


The subscription fee covers a 12-month subscription year and includes both the full opt-out file and monthly updates. You will receive a renewal notice at the end of your subscription period.

Annual Subscription

Mailers – Flat fee of $2,750 for ANA members, $5,500 for non-ANA members.

Service Providers - A tiered pricing structure with a floor of $2,750 and a ceiling of $27,500 for ANA Members, based upon the volume of names the service organization processes against the DMAChoice file.

Annual Subscription Pricing Model for Service Providers

Records Processed against the DMAChoice files (Yearly Estimate) Member Non-Member
0 to 50 Million $ 2,750 $ 5,500
50 Million to 100 Million $ 5,500 $11,000
100 Million to 500 Million $11,000 $22,000
500 Million to 1 Billion $16,500 $33,000
1 Billion to 5 Billion $22000 $44,000
Over 5 Billion $27,500 $55,000


How to subscribe to DMAChoice: