EasyID Wireless Identification Software

New Wireless Telephone Number Compliance Software from Interactive Marketing Solutions!

Now there is an easier way to eliminate wireless telephone numbers from your calling lists and stay in compliance. Learn about the IMS EasyID software.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

CLEAN in-house list.

EasyID will match your DNC database to your in-house calling list and creates two files; one that includes only landlines and a second of all wireless telephone numbers on your list.

Use the Latest data.

We update the program with the latest Wireless block identifier® and Ported number lists and make it available for download twice monthly around the 10th and 24th of each month..

You can install EasyID in minutes.

EasyID works with any desktop computer and can be quickly installed in minutes with no special hardware.

All you need is:

Free demonstration Version

The subscription price of $5,595 (Service Organization price is $10,500) includes one year of program updates and enhancements to ensure that your program remains current and up-to-date with the latest wireless identification databases and techniques.

Annually you will be given the option to renew and continue using the software.

How to subscribe to the EasyID Software: