EasyID Wireless Identification Software


Now there is an easier way to eliminate wireless telephone numbers from your calling lists and stay in compliance. Learn about the IMS EasyID software:

·      The program includes our proprietary Wireless Block Identifier® database and the Ported Number Landline-to-Wireless and Wireless-to-Landline files.

·      Your calling list is matched to the two wireless databases to identify wireless numbers, then to the Ported Wireless-to-Landline database to determine if the number has switched to landline, making it available to call.

·      Easy-ID is designed using Microsoft Access

·      Frequently Asked Questions.

·      Download your FREE Demo Version of the EasyID software.


Benefits of EasyID:

·      CLEAN in-house list

EasyID will match the integrated wireless database to your in-house calling list to create two files:

1.    Landlines only list, and

2.    Wireless telephone numbers only list.

·      Use the Latest data

We update the program with the latest Wireless Block Identifier® and Ported Number lists and make it available for download twice a month released around the 10th and 24th of each month.

·      You can install EasyID in minutes

EasyID works with any windows workstation and can be quickly installed in minutes with no special hardware.


·      Microsoft Access 2000 or a later version must be installed on your computer.

·      Windows 7 or later


Annual Subscription Pricing (including any program updates and enhancements):


o   End Users: $5,595 (if you clean lists you own lists). 

o   Service Organizations: $10,500 (if you clean lists belonging to others).



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