The DMA's E-Mail Preference Service

State legislation aimed at restricting marketers' access to potential customers is rising at an alarming rate. Direct marketers must respond today to consumer requests for choice in how much e-mail they receive. Irritating consumers who might be receptive to hearing from marketers in other media or who might buy from them directly without being solicited, decreases your chances of maintaining good relationships with your customers. It could also cause your email to be classified as spam

The DMA's E-Mail Preference Service consists of email addresses from consumers who have contacted the DMA and registered with E-mps in order to reduce the amount of unsolicited commercial e-mail.

These e-mail addresses are entered into the E-MPS suppression file. All DMA members who wish to send unsolicited commercial e-mail must scrub their prospect e-mail lists of the individuals who have registered with e-MPS. Using e-MPS is not only good business, but is also a requirement for all DMA members under the Privacy Promise.

The subscription costs for the e-MPS lists are:

How to subscribe to the E-MPS Suppression File: