The DMA's E-Mail Preference Service

State legislation aimed at restricting marketers' access to potential customers is rising at an alarming rate. Direct marketers must respond today to consumer requests for choice in how much e-mail they receive. Irritating consumers who might be receptive to hearing from marketers in other media or who might buy from them directly without being solicited, decreases your chances of maintaining good relationships with your customers. It could also cause your email to be classified as spam

The DMA's E-Mail Preference Service offers two solutions to this:

  • E-MPS Suppression File
  • E-MPS Cleaning

The first is the e-MPS suppression file. This list consists of email addresses from consumers who have contacted the DMA and registered with E-mps in order to reduce the amount of unsolicited commercial e-mail.

These e-mail addresses are entered into the E-MPS suppression file. All DMA members who wish to send unsolicited commercial e-mail must scrub their prospect e-mail lists of the individuals who have registered with e-MPS. Using e-MPS is not only good business, but is also a requirement for all DMA members under the Privacy Promise.

The subscription costs for the e-MPS lists are:

  • Annual Subscription for Monthly updates: $1,800 (Available as a download.)
  • Annual Subscription for Weekly updates: $5,200 (Available as a download.)

How to subscribe to the E-MPS Suppression File:


The second Email preference service we offer is E-MPS Cleaning, which is available to all marketers. This Email scrubbing service passes your prospect list against our E-MPS list of consumers who do not want to be contacted and returns the "cleaned" list to you within hours. You can send us as many files as you want to during your subscription period. We do the work for you.

Here is how it works:

Marketers that use this service send their list electronically to us.

  1. 1. Using your browser, you will need to upload your list in either a Tab or Comma (cvs) file format.

  2. After uploading, you will be notified whether your list was accepted or rejected. If rejected, you will be informed of the reason and asked to re-submit.

  3. Once accepted, average processing scrubbing time is 2 hours. An E-mail will be sent notifying you that your list has been cleaned. You will then need to download the scrubed file.

  4. Lists will remain available for pick-up for 5 business days. On the 4th day, another e-mail will be sent reminding you to retrieve your files. If they have not been picked up after the 5th day, they will be deleted. You will then need to begin the submission process again.

The Annual subscription for the E-mps Cleaning Service is $2400

How to subscribe to the E-mps Cleaning Service:

  • Subscribe now and you will be given a choice to pay immediately by credit card or receive an emailed agreement and invoice.


For further information Please Contact Us or view our E-MPS Frequently Asked Questions.

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