IMS Agreements (Select General Terms and Conditions Agreement and Supplement):

   IMS General Terms and Conditions Agreement

  Deceased Do Not Contact (DDNC) Supplement

                File Distribution Service Supplement

                Reassigned Telephone Number (RND) Supplement

                Recently Recorded Deceased (RRDF) Supplement

                State and Federal Prison (SFPF) Supplement

                TCPA Litigation and Audit Services Supplement

                VoIP Block Identifier (VoIP) Supplement

                Wireless Block Identifier (WBI) Supplement

   ANA (DMAChoice) Agreement

   Ported Number Agreement.pdf


Getting Started:

   Reassigned Telephone Number (RND) Safe Harbor Registration

   Reassigned Number Database (RND) Getting Started Instructions


How To:

   Wireless and VoIP number identification

  Identifying telephone as wireless or landline on a given date


General Information:

   IMS W-9

   ANA W-9

   IMS Mutual NDA

   Reassigned Number Database (RND) FAQs

   FCC Reassigned Telephone Number Report

   IMS - iconectiv Letter of Agency

   DMAchoice - List Management Information

   IMS Privacy Policy