FTC Consumer Complaints

The FTC is escalating the fight against illegal robocalls and non-robocalls using consumer complaints to guide call blocking efforts.

 Don’t you want to know how many complaints your consumer calls are generating?

Every year American consumers file approximately 6 million call complaints with the FTC.  The FTC is now releasing call complaint data in an effort to curb unwanted calls before they reach the consumer.  It is up to you to be aware of the number and type of complaints your consumer calls are generating so you can be proactive and reduce them before you have to respond to legal action or try to reinstate your blocked telephone number.

IMS is collecting consumer complaint data daily and making it immediately available to calling organizations in an effort to increase their awareness of complaints made against them.  With this knowledge, companies can change tactics and employ other calling strategies that will improve relations with consumers they are contacting.

Our database includes the calling telephone number, date and time of the call and complaint, consumers city and state, type of call and the consumers perception of whether or not it was automated.

With the IMS solution, calling companies can either record their outbound telephone numbers in our database (up to 150 numbers) or upload a list of numbers and descriptions for reporting.

The subscribing company may then indicate the complaint date ranges they are interested in (dates complaints were made) and shortly receive a report of complaints for each uploaded telephone file or from select numbers in their telephone database.

        Sample Detail Report, click on:      Sample FTC Consumer Complaint Detail Report

        Sample Summary Report, click on: Sample FTC Consumer Complaint Summary report

Pricing for the service is $1,050 per year with unlimited reporting.  The data is updated daily.

Click on the Subscribe link to get started and you will be given a choice to pay immediately by credit card or receive an emailed agreement and invoice.


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