Reassigned Telephone Number Database

FCC commissioned Reassigned Telephone Number Database

The information provided on this page in not intended to be a legal interpretation of the rules surrounding the development of the database.  It is intended as an overview only.  We recommend all callers and providers seek legal counsel to review TCPA related rules and regulations.

The FCC completed the specifications for the Reassigned Number Database and its operation, although it should be named the Discontinued Number Database.  It will identify telephone numbers that have been discontinued and/or reassigned, preventing TCPA violations and reducing unproductive calls.  It is scheduled to be available 10/1/2021 and will be administered and operated by SomosGov (also the NANPA and PA administrator).  Testing of the database and its operation is scheduled to begin on 7/1/2021 and IMS is registered to participate in the test.    

The FCC Report and Order is available on our website and the following is an overview of the operation and testing of the system for providers and callers. 

Operational Overview

Providers – Telephone number providers (telephone companies) will be required to submit a list of All permanently disconnected wireless, wireline and Voip telephone numbers by the 15th of each month.  The numbers will be added to the database and be available for query soon thereafter (presumably also on the 15th).  It is estimated that 25 million telephone numbers are disconnected each year.

Callers – Telephone number and date of last successful contact will be uploaded to SomosGov who will query the database and return a NO - the number has not been discontinued since the last contact, Yes - The number has been disconnected since the last contact or No Data - no disconnect data has been received since the start of data collection. There will be a 45-day grace calling period from the date the number is disconnected and considering the update is accomplished once-a-month, the safe grace period is more like 15 days.   The FCC will offer a safe harbor to good-faith users of the database, protecting them from TCPA liability due to a database error.

Safe Harbor Overview

Return Code                                                     Safe Harbor Status


No Safe Harbor - The number has been permanently disconnected after the date provided and may not be called.


Safe Harbor may apply – The number queried has not been permanently disconnected after the date provided and may be called.

No Data

No Safe Harbor – The date provided is prior to the start of data collection and/or there is insufficient information available to determine disconnect status.


Data may be submitted by the caller directly or through a caller’s agent.  IMS is registered as an agent and will be uploading data on behalf of callers.  The number and date will be processed in batch mode and may be uploaded several ways: a GUI website with a maximum of 50 entries; using the website’s upload function; use of a Secure FTP site with a maximum of 250,000 telephone numbers per file; or using a API with a maximum of 1000 numbers.  All data will be in an .xlsx or .csv format with telephone number, date of last successful contact and caller company ID in columns 1,2 and 3 respectively.  Space will also be provided for the email address to be notified when processing is complete.  Pricing has not been established at this time, but it is expected to be around $.01 per telephone number query ($10/1000 queries).


Testing – The plan is to have the system available for caller testing on 7/1/2021 at which time callers may participate in a test free of charge.  IMS will be involved in testing the operation and if you as a caller wishes to participate as an IMS client and have us upload your data for an early peek at the results, please complete the CallerAgent registration and mutual NDA package.  As we get closer to the testing period, we will notify all registered callers of the format and submission instructions. There is no commitment on the callers part to participate in the test or use IMS as an agent when the Reassigned Telephone Number process becomes available for production.  Again, the testing is available free of charge.


We will provide updates as progress is made.