For TCPA Compliance. Our TCPA Litigation and Audit service ldentifies if a telephone was a mobile (wireless) or landline on the date you called it.  Necessary for a FCC audit.

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Interactive Marketing Solutions (IMS) TCPA Litigation and Audit Services will allow you to confirm, or counter, an Federal Communications Commission (FCC) claim that the numbers you previously called were to wireless telephones. Our TCPA Litigation and Audit Services are designed to look at calls made as far back as 1/1/2005 and determine if the number was assigned to a landline or wireless phone when you called it. All you need is a telephone number and the date called.



Interactive Marketing Solutions (IMS) offers two options to assist you with your audit needs:


TCPA Litigation and Audit Package


We can provide you with the data required to perform the analysis at your site (there is no need for you to send us any of your calling records). An annual subscription to this package provides you with our unique wireless audit databases as well as the current Ported Number and current Wireless Block Identifier® files. Additionally, it eliminates the need to order these files separately.

·      Use the Wireless Block Identifier® and Ported Number files to identify current and future calls as either landline or wireless. Combine them with the audit files and you can determine the landline/wireless status for previously made calls on the date you called them

·      The Ported Number databases are updated daily.

·      The Wireless Block Identifier® is updated semi-monthly.


For your convenience, we’ve included a link below that reviews how to build the databases and perform the necessary testing to identify your numbers correctly.

·      How to use the Audit Files


Subscribe to our TCPA Litigation and Audit Package today


Listed below are our 12 month subscription pricing plans for both End Users and Service Organizations:

·      End Users: $4,950 and includes the current Wireless Block Identifier® and Ported Number files, as well as the respective audit databases. 

·      Service Organizations: $6,975 and must subscribe to the service on behalf of each End User client.




Choose to pay by credit card now or receive an emailed agreement and invoice.



SmartClean Service


Send us your file of numbers and the date they were called as far back as 1/1/2005. We will identify their designation (wireless or landline) on that specific date and return your file the following day.

·      TCPA Audit and Litigation Services require that the telephone numbers and dates called be in the first and second fields of the uploaded comma delimited record, respectively (e.g., save your excel spreadsheet as a .csv or a comma delimited .txt file). Up to 3 other fields containing customer data may also be contained in the uploaded record.

·      We will return a file with the L(andline) or W(ireless) designation in column 1 and your data following in columns 2 through 6. 

·      Dates older than 1/1/2012 may contain a U(nknown) designation if we cannot make the proper identification.




·      $2 per 1,000 records uploaded (for large volumes over 1,000,000 records, Contact Us).

·      $500 job minimum.

·      A subscription to the Ported Number files is necessary.




Payment for the SmartClean service is due after files have been uploaded - at that time a price will be displayed, and credit card information requested. If the webpage is closed without entering the credit card information, the uploaded file is deleted from our server and no charges are incurred.



If you are not a ported number subscriber, you must also subscribe to the Ported Number list. You will receive a copy of the Ported Number Agreement when you register.


For further information about our services please Contact Us.