Telemarketing Solutions

On Behalf of the Data and Marketing Association we distribute the official Do Not Call Lists for WY and PA as well as DMA's proprietary Do Not Call List. The following is a list of telemarketing solutions.

  1. SmartClean lets you upload your calling file to our web server and have us identify wireless telephones.  Your data will be returned to you within minutes using the latest wireless identification databases, updated daily.
  2. TCPA Litigation and Audit Services will provide you with the telephone number designation (wireless or landline) for an earlier date.  Send us the number and date called and we will tell you if it was a landline or cell phone at that time.  It is part of our SmartClean service.
  3. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's official Do Not Call List is Distributed Quarterly
  4. The State of Wyoming's official Do Not Call List is Distributed Quarterly
  5. DMA's Telephone Preference Service file contains both the PA and WY Do Not Call Lists as well as DMA registered Deceased individuals and is available for distribution monthly or quarterly
  6. Telephone Number Validation Solutions, A file of Area Codes or the first 7 digits of all currently active telephone numbers in the US and Canada. 
  7. Both the Wireless Block Identifier® and Ported Number files are needed to identify wireless telephones and make it possible for businesses to alter their calling strategy.  If you are ever audited by the FCC (also a subscriber to our wireless identification data) for prior calls, our included Audit files will let you recreate both the wireless block and ported data for any previous date.
  8. Our VoIP Block Identifier® contains native VoIP telephone numbers and is available to include in your suppression system.
  9. EasyId, simple, easy to use software with its integrated wireless database puts the control in your hands and lets you remove wireless numbers from lists right at your desk.