UK Do Not Mail List

Save Money By Doing The Right Thing
Our Foreign Do Not Mail (FDNM) service is an effective means of purging your international mailing lists of consumers who want to receive less advertising mail at home. If you are not already a subscriber, you should be. Using FDNM could be the single most important contribution your company can make to preserve the information flow that is the foundation of successful direct marketing.

Why would a marketer want to use FDNM? Marketers use, as at least one measure of success, the building of long term relationships with customers. They do not want to irritate consumers who might be receptive to hearing from them in other media or who might buy from them directly without being solicited.

How does it work?

The foreign Do Not Mail file contains names and addresses of consumers from The UK who do not wish to receive promotional mail at home. Individuals register by sending their name and home address to the appropriate consumer organization in their country. The UK provides us with their list of consumer names and addresses for distribution. These lists, the "Robinson Lists" as they are known in Europe, are updated monthly.

The Foreign Do Not Mail files are provided strictly for the purpose of removing consumers' names from mailing lists. Pass each FDNM file against all international prospect lists you use, as well as your international house list when it is rented out.

TO ORDER THE FDNM FILE Subscribe Online.

The subscription fee for each file is $1,500 and covers a 12-month subscription year with monthly updates (replacement file). You will receive a renewal notice at the end of your subscription period.

Comply with the laws...squeeze more out of your marketing dollars…and address consumers’ growing concerns about privacy.

How to subscribe to the Do Not Mail Service: