IMS' VigilantDB For Marketing and Debt Collection

IMS’ Vigilant Data Base

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Marketers: Are you concerned that you are mailing promotional material and shipping products to “consumers” that consistently rip you off by not paying for your merchandise?

Debt Collectors: Do you wish to score your debt portfolio and identify which debtors are likely to avoid collection efforts?

VigilantDB is the solution.  It is a database of high-risk shipping addresses with a proven pattern of deceptive behavior.  Individuals at these locations want to be included on your marketing lists and request your product while they have no intention of ever paying as well as being likely to avoid collection efforts. The "buyers" are known by many names so they will not be recognized, however we identify them by their postal address.

IMS' VigilantDB contains over 700,000 U. S. addresses of consumers that have consistently demonstrated deceptive behavior. This extensive information is compiled from the behavior of 120 million consumers, tracked by a consortium of major direct marketers and kept current by a leading Analytics and Data Base organization. It is not a file of consumers that have missed an occasional payment; it is a database of reported addresses that have a verifiable and consistent history of ordering product and not paying for it.  Future mailings and delivery of merchandise to these addresses is certain to result in the same pattern of non-payment.

VigilantDB lists only postal addresses and is available for marketers to use rither along-side DMA's DMAChoice (MPS) Do Not Mail file for traditional marketing suppression or alone. It can also be used by collection firms to identify addresses that show a demonstrated unwillingness to pay so collection strategy may be adjusted.

To remain viable, VigilantDB is updated quarterly, with new addresses added as unscrupulous behavior is detected while existing addresses, with no reported deceptive behavior for a sustained period, are removed,

Eliminate these addresses from your mailing and shipping files before you are ripped-off.

Adjust your debt collection strategy to compensate for this consistent disreputable behavior.

To Order IMS' VigilantDB

The file is available on-line for downloading (an email will be sent to the subscriber quarterly as updated files become available).

An annual subscription fee of $3,000 for end users and $7,000 for service providers (organizations processing and returning lists owned by others) covers a 12-month subscription period and includes quarterly updates. Subscribers will receive a renewal notice prior to the subscription expiration date.

Subscribe to VigilantDB Online and you will be given a choice to pay immediately by credit card or receive an emailed agreement and invoice for payment by check.


Limited time offer: Let us match your database to VigilantDB for FREE and see the potential savings.

We will compare your database, up to 300,000 records, to VigilantDB and email you the match count so you can see how many records you can identify as potentially deceptive.

Call us at 203-653-2762 or email to set-up your free test. But hurry, this offer expires May 31st.