Wireless Identification and TCPA Litigation Solutions

Interactive Marketing Solutions is the country’s largest single-source supplier of Wireless Identification Products. We serve marketers, collection agencies and other organizations with the need of identifying and segregating calls to wireless devices. In 2002, as a subsidiary of the Data & Marketing Association, IMS pioneered the concept of identifying wireless telephone numbers by introducing our proprietary Wireless Block Identifier® which can identify over 95% of the cell phone numbers currently in use. The remaining numbers will be identified by the Ported Numbers files which we enhance with the date of the inital porting and resell in our role as the industry's largest ported number reseller. Using our SmartClean TCPA Compliance product, we also identify cell phones that are active or as of a specific date.  Since its introduction, we have sold thousands of subscriptions to our wireless products.

If you’re a marketer, telephone marketing services bureau, debt collection firm, or other business concerned with calling wireless devices and remaining TCPA compliant, IMS offers a number of solutions for you. All of them revolve around the IMS Wireless Block Identifier® and the Ported Number files, which together identify all wireless devices, ensuring that you stay in compliance with federal and state legislation, and save time and money.  The following is a list of wireless solutions.

  1. Both the Wireless Block Identifier® and Ported Number files are needed to identify wireless telephones and make it possible for businesses to alter their calling strategy.  If you are ever audited by the FCC (also a subscriber to our wireless identification data) for prior calls, our included Audit files will let you recreate both the wireless block and ported data for any previous date.
  2. TCPA Litigation and Audit Services will provide you with the telephone number designation (wireless or landline) for an earlier date.  Send us the number and date called and we will tell you if it was a landline or cell phone at that time.  It is part of our SmartClean service.
  3. Our VoIP Block Identifier® contains native VoIP telephone numbers and is available to include in your suppression system.
  4. Our SmartClean Service lets you upload your calling file to our web server and have us identify wirelesss telephones.  Your data will be returned to you within minutes using the latest wireless identification databases, updated daily.
  5. EasyId, simple, easy to use software with its integrated wireless database puts the control in your hands and lets you remove wireless numbers from lists right at your desk.
  6. Telephone Number Validation Solutions, A file of Area Codes or the first 7 digits of all currently active telephone numbers in the US and Canada.