Do Not Contact Mailing Solutions

Subscribing to our data hygiene solutions is smart business! We offer a number of solutions for consumer and donor mailers including nonprofit organizations, catalogers, manufacturers, retailers, etc. and the third parties that provide services such as service bureaus, mail houses and data providers. Subscribe to our consumer suppression files comprised of prospective unresponsive consumers, caretakers and deceased to build trust, reduce complaints, help prevent a government Do-Not-Mail list and save money!


Our suppression files include:

  1. ANA’s DMAchoice file: comprised of consumers who have asked not to receive marketing or donor mail from businesses and organizations that they don’t have a relationship with.
  2. Recently Recorded Deceased and Deceased Do Not Contact files combined these two files contain approximately 7 million of the most sensitive names and addresses.
  3. State and Federal Prison file: contains over 3,500 correctional facilities.
  4. SmartCleanlet us clean your list for you! We’ll scrub your lists using ANA's Do not Contact list, as well as our deceased and prison files while you concentrate on the marketing campaign.