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Wireless Compliance Solutions


Wireless Identification, Reassigned Telephone Numbers and TCPA Litigation Solutions

IMS is the country’s largest single-source supplier of Wireless Identification Products.

If you are a marketer, telephone marketing services bureau, debt collection firm, healthcare provider, mortgage company, bank or other business concerned with calling wireless devices and remaining TCPA compliant, IMS offers several solutions for you. Central to our services is the IMS Wireless Block Identifier® and the Ported Number files utilized by the FCC to identify Robocall violations, Used together they identify all wireless devices, ensuring that you stay in compliance with federal and state legislation, and save time and money. 

Our complete listing of services:

  1. Identifying Wireless Telephone Numbers

Both the Wireless Block Identifier® and Ported Number files are needed to identify wireless telephones and make it possible for businesses to develop their calling strategy. Matching your calling file to both files will keep you from inadvertently calling cell phones.  The FCC subscribes to both of our products to identify wireless telephone numbers.


  1. Reassigned Telephone Number Database

The Reassigned Telephone Number Database will identify telephone numbers that have been disconnected (and possibly reassigned to a different consumer) since the date of the last successful call. Identification of disconnects may prevent violations of the TCPA and reduce the number of unproductive telephone calls.

  1. VoIP Block Identifier®

This data file contains many native VoIP telephone numbers and is available to include in your suppression system. Unfortunately, Ported VoIP number data is not currently available.

  1. TCPA Litigation and Audit Services

The Wireless Audit data will provide you with the capability to confirm, or counter, an FCC claim that your previously called numbers were directed to cell phones. Matching of called telephone numbers to the audit files will identify the cellphone/landline status of the number on the date called. You have two options: 1) we provide you with the data to identify the numbers, or 2) send us your calling information and we will identify the cellphone/landline status using our SmartClean services.

  1. SmartClean Service

Upload your telephone data to our web server to identify numbers as landlines or wireless today or, for previous calls, on the date called. Your data will be returned to you quickly using the latest wireless identification databases, updated daily.

  1. EasyId

Simple, easy-to-use software with its integrated wireless database puts the control in your hands and lets you remove current wireless numbers from lists right at your desk.

  1. Telephone Number Validation Solutions

Validate your telephone numbers. We will provide a list of Area Codes or the first 7 digits of all currently assigned telephone numbers in the U.S. and Canada.