State and Federal Prison File (SFPF)

With the rising cost of postage, direct marketing campaigns are expensive enough. If recipients on your mailing lists are in prison, then the mailing has been wasted. Interactive Marketing Solutions provides a file that allows you to remove addresses from your file that are not residences, but prisons.

The State and Federal Prison File
IMS has reponded to requests from subscribers by providing a file that can be used to identify state and federal prisons so these addresses may be removed from marketing solicitations.

How Does It Work?

The State and Federal Prison File (SFPF) is a compiled list of federal and state prisons and correctional facilities. The file, containing approximately 3,500 addresses, and is reviewed and updated three times each year.


The SFPF file is available to companies for the sole purpose of removing addresses from their marketing lists. The SFPF is not intended to be a record of all prison facilities. It includes only available state and federal prison addresses that meet our criteria. Click here to view a sample file.

The files are available on-line for downloading (an email will be sent to the subscriber as updated files become available) or on CD (for a small surcharge).

The subscription fee of $700 for End Users and $950 for Service Providers covers a 12-month subscription period and includes periodic updates. You will receive a renewal notice prior to the subscription expiration date. (Service Providers are defined as organizations cleaning lists owned by others.)

Subscribe to SFPF Online and you will be given a choice to pay immediately by credit card or receive an emailed agreement and invoice.